Here you'll find a collection of frequently asked questions. We're constantly updating and adding to this. If you have any specific questions please feel free to get in touch.

Yes! None of our products contain ingredients made from animals.

Yes. We do not test on animals for any of our products.

Yes. One of the reasons we started Colt & Willow was because of our children’s eczema. We wanted something that wouldn’t aggravate their condition but would still remove dirt and grime. Please patch test if you have concerns.

Yes. Our products are carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients to avoid any harsh chemicals.

For the moment we are only able to ship UK-wide. As a small team we want to make sure we can offer the best customer service and be able to respond to your needs as quickly as possible so we are focusing here first. We do expect to offer wider shipping over the coming years.

Up to 18 months if stored correctly.

Please keep products out of direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry area.

Make sure to close the triggers after use. If you have any product build up, give the trigger a quick rinse through with warm water. For any problems or questions with your triggers or pumps please contact us at and we will be able to help you out.

For now only online, however we are looking at retailers to partner with in the UK and abroad.

All our shipments are sent Royal Mail 48hr tracked – if your order does not arrive please send us an email at and we will hunt down the postman to find out where your items are.

The All-purpose Cleaner is a handy general cleaner for countertops, highchairs, sticky finger marks, door handles etc. However, we do recommend spot testing before use, and apply with caution to varnished and lacquered surfaces. We also really recommend the use of a damp clean cloth and following with an e-cloth/microfiber cloth to polish up the surface after you have wiped it down. With the All- purpose Cleaner, less is more do not over spray the product, this can lead to smearing.

The Bathroom Cleaner loves taps, shower doors, baths, sinks and is especially good at tackling limescale (leave for 5 mins and let it work its magic before wiping down). Please spot test before use, and apply with caution on natural stones.

The Wonder Scrub is a great product for tougher stains, limescale and grease. It can be used on most surfaces, but if you have a polished/gloss countertop, we would ask you to spot the test first. Because it has bicarbonate of soda in it, it does have a grainy texture so it is slightly abrasive to help get rid of extra stubborn dirt and grim. It brings up stainless steel surfaces especially well!

We have formulated our products to be as natural and as safe for you and your loved ones as possible, however essential oils are mighty powerful things, and they come with very strict labelling requirements. Even used in low concentration as ours are, we are still required to place a warning label on our products.

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