Most people don’t realise that our homes are full of harmful toxins— & the products we use to clean with are damaging our health, our skin & our loved ones.

We’ve created a range of powerful plant-based cleaning products that look good, smell good & do good—transforming the cleaning experience for you, your family, your home & the planet so you can feel happy, confident & safe.

Not to sound too cliched but having children changed the way we viewed our home and the world we live in. It became important to make sure our house was safe for them to crawl, lick and touch! We child-proofed the house, cooked them great food (which mainly ended up on the floor), but there was one area we hadn’t quite managed to sort… the cupboard under the sink.

Yes, that dark and menacing place, full of cleaning products with their harmful toxins. They’re not great for our health, definitely not great for our skin or the environment and they don’t look that great either. We felt no loyalty to them – does anyone? Does anyone really love a hospital smell in a bright pink plastic bottle? Finding an alternative was a no-brainer for us, however we couldn’t find what we were looking for.

So, we spent 3-years on what became our passion: to create a range of powerful, plant-based cleaning products that look good, smell good & do good—transforming the cleaning experience for you, your family, your home & the environment. No matter where the art of cleaning sits on your priority list, we hope it’s made a whole lot more enjoyable – dare we say pleasurable.

Finally they are ready to share so that others can clean as confidently as we do – safe & happy in the knowledge that it’s now a toxic-free task, and another small step towards saving the planet.

Right. Time to tackle the garden-shed and its contents…


Getting it together

After a lot of research into household cleaning products, including composition and ingredients, we partnered with a small, family-run business in England, dedicated to developing alternative, results-driven formulas.

Drawing on our own background in design and interiors, we also wanted the products we created to be as stylish and elegant-looking as they are non-toxic and safe – taking them out from under the sink cupboard, so to speak…

Free from any nasties, they’re totally safe for you and your loved ones, and are proudly made in Britain using sustainable materials, including long-lasting glass bottles and recyclable PET litre refills.

Finally, it is super important to us that we give back. We support 1% For The Planet and UK charity Cool Earth, which protects endangered rainforests and indigenous peoples, whilst our Knowledge Hub offers a comprehensive update on ingredients and alternative cleaning methods.

Thank you for chosing to use our products and we really hope you enjoy using them.

Annie and Tony

A word about packaging

We use beautiful amber glass bottles for our main products, so that your home always looks stylish… no more garish bottles to see here. You can also reuse them and refill them with one of our recyclable 1 litre PET bottles. This in turn, creates less packaging waste.

You may say: “But PET is plastic” and we hear you. After extensive research, it turns out PET is the most easily recyclable product we can currently use. While there are bio-degradable alternatives at the moment they rely on your local council having the infrastructure to ensure they are composted correctly, and unfortunately most currently don’t. We are, however, fully committed to finding a better solution than using plastic for our refills in the long run… so watch this space.

Finally, our packaging boxes are made from FSC certified cardboard and the protective filling is made from recycled paper.


our promise to you

Planet conscious

Everything we do is created with the aim of having as little environmental impact as possible.

Family friendly

Gentle on skin for you and the ones you love.

Plant based & biodegradable

No harsh artificial chemicals.

Keep & refill

Our 470ml bottles are made from glass and designed to be refilled for many years to come

No harsh detergents

Most detergents are loaded with harmful petrochemicals

No phosphates

Too much phosphates can cause kidney damage and osteoperosis, whilst in water it causes eutrophication of algae.

No parabens

Parabens are known to disrupt hormone function, increasing the risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity


SLSs cause irritation to the eyes, skin, mouth and lungs.


No animals were harmed or used during manufacture.



We proudly produce in the UK, reducing shipping impact to the environment, supporting local employment and keeping money within the community. We donate a portion of every sale to 1% For The Planet – a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through memberships and everyday actions.