Are you jetting off on holidays this year? We’re so familiar with the routine aren't we?

The airports are busy, it’s hot & the travelling to & fro can be quite stressful.

No matter how much time you leave you always find yourself waiting at bag drop for that huge line to go down then sweating trotting through terminals trying to get to your gate on time.

The children are getting tired & your wheelie bag keeps dropping to the floor making a loud crash ...Urgh.


Here’s a tip for packing your bags this holiday season (that you'll wish you had known sooner). It’s not what you think... I learnt it from a professional butler. 

How to pack your wheelie case so that it will stay upright!

It’s all about weight distribution.

Instead of balancing things evenly in the bag, you know shoes at either side etc do this. You need to give your bag a low centre of gravity. Put the heavy items such as wash-bags, books and heavy shoes at the wheel end of your case. Lighter items like clothes can take up the rest of the space. 

If you distribute the weight like this I promise you a dreamy ride cruising through the terminal like a pro.

Another top tip is to take some totes or reusable bags for shoes and hairbrushes anything that’s usually loose really. It makes everything cleaner when you get home and you feel so organised. It’s like unwrapping presents when you get there.

Finally if you are travelling to a wedding and really don’t want to crease your outfit, grab some acid free tissue paper, I save mine up from online shopping deliveries.
As you fold your clothes add a layer of tissue paper covering the item, especially where the folds are. I promise this staves off the worst of the creases!

I hope this is helpful. No more wheelie bag blues for you.

Enjoy your holidays, you deserve them!

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