It’s easy to see why fashion and makeup tutorials do well online — social media is the go-to place for many of us looking to get inspired, stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and learn how to perfect that smokey eye. But one of the latest trends to explode on Gen Z’s platform of choice TikTok recently is #CleanTok: users posting bite-sized videos detailing their favourite cleaning hacks and products. Videos usually last around 30 seconds and feature catchy trending audio designed to increase interaction with the content.

It seems to be working: #CleanTok videos have collectively received billions of views (yes, with a ‘b’!). It makes sense — despite the pandemic winding down, we’re still spending a lot of time at home, and everyone enjoys working and relaxing in a clean space.

In the world of viral content, before-and-after videos reign supreme. Finnish content creator @aurikatariina’s account features cleaning videos that go for the shock-value: she spends her time turning filthy bathrooms and kitchens into glistening spaces. The account’s most-watched videos include “the dirtiest sink in Europe” (hint: it’s gross) and “easy and fun mouldy clean”. #CleanTok’s trending videos focus on time-saving tricks you can try out immediately, and there’s a lot of content to browse if you’re interested in learning some new hacks. Let’s take a look at some of the best viral cleaning hacks we found on TikTok.
How to deep-clean your washing machine

You’d be forgiven for thinking your washing machine gets cleaned alongside your clothes, and that there’s no need to rinse it separately. As it happens, you’ll need to give your washing machine a little extra TLC to keep it in tip-top shape. This TikTok by user @carolina.mccauley advises running a wash cycle on the hottest cycle possible, with vinegar in the detergent dispenser. You can then also create a cleaning mixture from baking soda and a little more vinegar, and then gently scrub the inside of your machine. McCauley’s other cleaning-related videos include ‘how to remove pilling from your couch’, and hacks for making your bed, hotel-style.

The easiest way to clean your mirror
“Show me the cleaning hack that everyone needs to know because their lives will be better after knowing it,” says TikTok user @maizimmy at the beginning of her video which has been ‘liked’ over 350,000 times (!). In the clip, the user shares her own genius way of cleaning mirrors, which involves attaching a polishing cloth to a flat mop, and then scrubbing the mirror as a professional window cleaner would. It’s a smart move — say goodbye to awkward jumps in front of the mirror, trying to reach the far corners with a sponge!

How to clean your oven
Believe it or not, the kids of today are going crazy over this particularly unsexy trend: how to deep-clean your oven. Search ‘oven cleaning’ on the app, and you’ll find thousands of videos sharing their best hacks, including creating a home-made cleaning paste and allowing it to sit overnight. User @healthylittlepeach has a particularly innovative idea: she recommends leaving the oven trays and racks in a bathtub full of cleaning products, and allowing it to soak for 2 hours before scrubbing. Top tip: opt for natural cleaning products where possible. Chemical-filled detergents and cleaners are harmful for the environment and for our health, and are especially dangerous if you’ve got young children or pets in the house. 



how to cleaning oven - TikTok Hack

How to prevent dust on top of your cupboards

We’ve all experienced the horror of cleaning on top of your kitchen cabinets — and it’s not pleasant. Most of us leave this for the really deep cleans: the annual spring clean, or when you’re moving out of your home. This #CleanTok is here to save the day, and best of all, it doesn’t require any specialist products or equipment. User @mamasknowbest’s video has been ‘liked’ over 58,000 times, in part because it’s just so simple. All you need to do is lay paper towels on top of your kitchen cabinets. As she explains in the video, this means the paper towels collect grease and dust, leaving the cabinets themselves nice and clean. All you’ll need to do is swap out the paper towels every so often to keep everything sparkling. To drive home the tip, she shares a comparison shot of a clean, new paper towel, and one that’s been sitting on top of a kitchen cabinet. Let’s just say you’ll want to start using this hack today. 

If you’re in the mood to learn more quick hacks that will make it much easier to keep your home clean, head over to TikTok and search for the #CleanTok hashtag. You can also visit Colt & Willow’s Knowledge Base for expert advice on everything from cleaning your bed, to how to prep your home before guests arrive. 


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