Susan is amazing and has 2 decades of experience working with children and families and aims to support and empower parents and caregivers to promote a relaxing, holistic environment for their children to bloom.

She is the Potty Training Expert for Potette and JoJo Maman Bebe. And the Baby Sleep Expert for JoJo Maman Bebe.  And we were very lucky to have a quick chat with her to get you the best potty training tips this summer.

Susan Wallace - Potty training expert

1. What does a typical day look like for you?

When I work with a family, I endeavour to be family centred, and I also try to live by this by this as well. I am a mum of 2 under 2 (Mary 22 months and Hugh 9 months). I try to work around my family, rather than my family fit in around my work. I get up early to work before they wake.

My days are with them – ideally outside as much as possible when the weather allows. I then work to support other families at nap times, evenings and weekends.

Evening work includes 1:1 consultations to support families with sleep or potty training. I also train people to become Baby Massage Instructors, Baby Yoga Instructors and Family Centred Infant Sleep Consultants so I also support students and mark work during this time.

I do aim to have at least 2 evenings off a week, and 1 clear day at the weekend. 

2. Where’s your dream escape destination? 

I have never been but I would love to go to Australia to visit my sister and little nephew. However, waiting until the kids are a little older before attempting such a long flight.

3. What’s your vice?
Probably should not admit this as a Sleep Consultant but I love coffee and chocolate.

4. How long have you been a potty training consultant

I have been a Potty Consultant for 3 years, but have always worked with children and families.

5. Is there a perfect age to potty train?

The average age for Potty Training varies widely and is influenced by factors such as where and when you live in the world. I prefer a Child Orientated Approach, were we look at the individual needs and development of a child and support them at ang age which is right for them, in line with their social, physical and emotional development.

6. If you had to give 3 top tips about potty training what would they be?

1. Do not limit fluid intake. It is a myth that restricting liquids will make potty training easier. The bladder needs fluid to remain healthy and avoid UTI’s. The bowel needs fluid to avoid constipation which can make pooing unpleasant and delay progress. More liquids allow for more practice, prevent UTI’s and constipation

2. Never punish, scold or embarrass a child for accidents.They are normal and to be expected. Children learn best when they are supported and encouraged

3. Call a poo ‘a poo’ as opposed to ‘a stinky’. Research suggests that negative terminology can delay potty progress.

7. What would you recommend for potty training on the go?

For Potty Training on the go I recommend:-
- Staying at home for the first few days.

- When you first go out invest in a good travel potty (Potette is my favourite)

- Bring a reusable nappy wet-bag in your changing bag. These are great for putting wet clothes if your little one has an accident. Not only are they more environmentally friendly than using a plastic bag, but you can put the whole bag into the wash, so you do not need to retouch the wet clothes.

- Bringing a pack of post-its. They are great if you visit public toilets with an automatic flush. Should the flush go off mid-wee it can frighten little ones. Placing a post-it over the sensory ensures it won’t go off when they are mid flow.

- Place a reusable seat liner in your buggy. If they do have an accident all you need to do is place this liner in the wash – far easier than cleaning urine off a pushchair. Close Parenting do a range of these liners.

8. And lastly do you have a favourite Colt & Willow product?

The Potty Spray smells amazing. I love that it is toxin free – which is especially important for little ones. And it helps makes the mundane task of Potty Training a little more glamourous.
But the beautiful Rhubarb Dishwashing liquid is a very close second.


If you would like to find out more about everything that Susan does you can find more on her website Settled Petals 


Settled petal - potty training expert


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