The energy during the summer holidays is something else. For many of us, it can be a good time to relax and unwind. But for kids, it’s the perfect opportunity to play all day and try new things - All of this makes summer holidays super fun. That said, the cleanup after summer school holidays are over can feel like a massive task.

But fret not, these simple cleaning tips & tricks will make you a pro at getting your house back together and in order!

Lets talk clothes:

With autumn and winter approaching, it’s time to say hello to winter clothes. Of course, this means saying a temporary goodbye to our summer outfits. This can be a nightmare, not just because summer clothes are comfortable, but also because the right storage can be tricky!

Improper storage could make the clothes smelly and itchy. Here are a few tips to prevent that:

• Wash (and dry) before storage - Washing reduces the chances of bacteria development and drying properly ensures that the clothes don’t smell musty or trap moisture when stored.

• Get the right bags/boxes. Choosing a bag to store your clothes might sound like an easy decision, but the wrong bag or container can increase the chances of the clothes developing mold and smelling musty. If you intend on storing a lot of clothes, it might be a good idea to invest in containers that can be found online.

• Consider using a thin clean cloth/fabric with essential oils to add to bags or storage containers to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

• Natural moth repellents (something like dried rosemary or thyme work well) are quite useful in keeping flying pests at bay.

    General cleaning:

    A fun summer can take its toll on a house. Some general TLC can go a long way in ensuring that your home regains its pre-summer shine!

    Give your floor a deep clean by mixing some washing up liquid and vinegar. This works on most types of floors, just make sure to not leave any water as that will ruin it.

    Remember to wash your windows (from the inside and the outside) before autumn and winter. This can make a huge difference and is often overlooked.

    Get those chimneys and fireplaces ready for a nice cosy fire - give the inside a good clean simply use a vacuum to get rid of all the dirt and grit.

    Deep cleaning tips:

    If your house is in need of a deep clean, consider breaking it up into smaller chunks. This way, you can divide tasks based on how frequently you need them done and split a tiring day’s work into seven manageable days. This can also make it super easy to delegate.

    And when you deep clean, tackle one part of the house at one time. For instance, you could focus on the bedroom first, deep cleaning the mattress (read our guide here), and curtains. Next, you could move to the bathroom (here’s our full guide), and so on.

    Say goodbye to water rings: 

    Summers are filled with yummy beverages, and it’s common for children to forget a coaster when they grab a drink. And whether it’s a glass of juice or even some water, it could cause nasty-looking rings on your furniture that are a pain to remove.

    Thankfully, there’s one easy way: if you lay a cotton towel or t-shirt over the stain and gently iron this cloth (without any water added to the steam iron), it should help get rid of the ring. Depending on how stubborn the stain is, it could take a few attempts, but this trick does work wonders.

    Keep the air fresh:

    Most air fresheners aren’t very nice for the environment or for our health. So while we may be tempted to pick up a few to keep our house smelling fresh, there’s a much better alternative. 

    Essential oils can be a great option if you want your house to smell fresh without inhaling the toxins. You can find several oils with varying benefits and fragrances. 

    And because they’re natural and non-toxic, they don’t cause irritation. They’re also fragrant without being too pungent.

    This helps set the perfect mood for pleasant autumn and winter!

    Prepare for next summer:

    Planting spring bulbs like tulips, irises, and daffodils can be a great idea! Spring bulbs can be planted throughout September, October, and November and can add a lot of charm to your home in the summer that follows!

    This might involve some gardening (and this might create a mess) so you could do this before you begin your deep cleaning. 

    Cleaning after summers can seem like a daunting task, but the right tips and tricks can make it much easier. Not to mention, a sparkly clean house makes all the effort worth it! 

    Have any special summer cleaning tips that you use? We would love to know!

    Main photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash

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