The warmer weather is here, and while it’s a welcome relief after a chilly winter, it does make it a little trickier to keep the house clean. Kids running in and out of the garden, impromptu garden parties, and bugs flying in through the open windows mean you’ll want to adjust your cleaning routine to ensure your home stays fresh, welcoming and safe.

The good news is that with a few small tweaks, you’ll find you’re able to spend less time cleaning, and more time relaxing on that new sunlounger in the garden. Read on for our top tips on cleaning your home in warm weather

Summer-proof your kitchen

Let’s start with one of the less pleasant tasks: the kitchen. Grimy hands all over your cupboards, food that spoils quicker, and the odd ant infestation are all part and parcel of the summer experience.

Luckily, with a little forward planning, you can keep your kitchen squeaky clean and free of crawly visitors. Start by adding your kitchen cabinets to your cleaning routine. The nature of your kitchen means the cabinets are often opened with sticky hands, so it’s easy for grime to build up over time. Spritz a few sprays of all-purpose cleaner over your cabinets, and wipe with a clean cloth. Leave them open as they dry: the warm air will speed up the job.

Make sure that inside the cupboards, you haven’t got opened packets of food lying around. Instead, invest in some good-quality sealed boxes, and keep opened packets inside. Similarly, make sure you wipe up any spills as soon as they happen, and put food in the fridge rather than leaving it out on the counter. That way, you’ll avoid unwelcome visitors from bugs, and reduce your risk of bacteria contaminating your food. 

Prep the paddling pool

If you’ve got children or pets in the house, a paddling pool is a great way for them to cool down in the warmer months. That being said, they’re a parent’s nightmare when it comes to cleaning them. Between grass, dirt and mud and that all-important sun cream, paddling pools can get grimy quick.

Keep things clean by making up a DIY non-toxic cleaning solution. All you’ll need is white vinegar, water, and a spray bottle. Add one part white vinegar to two parts water, and spritz over the paddling pool. Make sure you’re opting for a soft cloth—the material is delicate, and you don’t want to risk causing a hole.

Top tip: we love this advice from In The Wash on avoiding oily paddling pools: pop a tennis ball or two in the water! They’ll soak up the oil from the surface of the water, leaving your paddling pool ready for a refreshing dip. Once you’ve finished with the water, re-use it by watering your plants.  

Keep the oven party-ready

If you’ve got a garden or terrace, chances are your home is the place to be this summer. Hosting friends and family for an outdoor meal is one the highlights of warmer weather, but the cleaning job that’s required afterwards isn’t the most pleasant. If you’ve been cooking roast veg and meat in the oven, you’ll need to keep your oven in tip-top shape.

• Gather your supplies before you get going: you’ll need an eco-friendly-but-tough product like our Wonder Scrub, some cleaning brushes made from natural materials, some vinegar and a spray bottle (you might have these in from when you cleaned the paddling pool!). 

• Remove any racks and trays from inside your oven, and cover them with Wonder Scrub. Place them to one side—we recommend in the bath or shower, or on newspaper next to your oven (keep children and pets away!).

• Apply our Wonder Scrub or Washing Up Liquid to the inside of the oven, and allow to soak overnight. If you’re in a rush, half an hour works fine too!

• Using a mixture of vinegar and water, spray both sides of the oven door and wipe clean.

• The next day, remove the washing up liquid or Wonder Scrub with a cloth. Rinse your racks and trays, and once dry, put them back in your oven. Voila! Your job is done.

• If you’re looking for party-specific cleaning tips, take a look at this article in our Knowledge Base.

Leave clothes and towels to dry outside

Warm weather means it’s easier for mould to grow in your bathroom. Avoid any risks to your health—and musty smells— by leaving your wet clothes, towels and sheets to dry outside, instead of in your bathroom. Don’t have any outdoor space? Try hanging them over your doors instead. They’ll dry quickly in the warm weather, so don’t worry: they won’t be an eyesore for long! Similarly, when you’re finished having a shower, make sure you leave the door open, allowing moisture to escape. A fan works well, but it’s even better if you keep the door open too. 

Cleaning during the summer months doesn’t have to leave you hot and bothered (sorry!).

Try doing your housework first thing in the morning or late at night on very hot days, and break down your tasks into small chunks. There’s no need for a 4 hour deep clean every Saturday: working through each room in your home during the week should do the trick, leaving you to spend your weekends relaxing in the sun!

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