The average person spends a combined 182 hours in the bathroom every year. That’s a staggering amount of time and it only further strengthens the case for a clean bathroom.

Getting a bathroom squeaky clean is not hard if you follow proper techniques and use some pro tips.

Sweep before you clean:

When your bathroom is dry, it’s a good idea to sweep or vacuum it (depending on your preference) to remove all the surface-level dirt. After this, you can go crazy with the cleaning and mop it all after.


Squeegee Mops:

After a shower, a few strokes will transform your bathroom by helping drain the dirty water. Since the water does not sit on the tiles for long, your bathroom won’t feel sticky or the tiles won’t trap as much dirt. An added bonus is that your bathroom won’t be as wet and humid after a relaxing shower.

Timing & planning:

We suggest that it’s best to start your bathroom cleaning by focusing on the toilet first, pop in your preferred cleaning product and let it sit for a while and you can get on with the rest of the room.

Start spraying an appropriate bathroom cleaner like our Rosemary, Lemon and Juniper berry cleaner on the walls, sinks, and other areas. Let this sit for 5 mins.

In the meantime, you can clean your shower glass (if the lime scale stains are too hard to get rid of have a read of our article on cleaning your shower glass).

Scrub your Loo using a toilet brush and give it a good wash. After this, the cleaning solution on the walls should have done its job and you can use warm water to rinse it off. Again, from the top to the bottom.

The “top-bottom logic” works because the gunk inevitably starts dripping down so you clean it all in one go. Like this, you can plan and do tasks well so that you don’t end up wasting any time or additional effort.

Image: Annie looking super happy about cleaning the shower!


Bathroom lights are more often than not neglected while we clean our bathrooms. The right way to go about this is to wait for the lights to cool down and then give them a good wipe.

If they appear very dusty or stained, glass cleaner can work (but be extra careful).

As a good measure, if a light seems to be especially dirty, you can always replace it. This can bring a surprising change in how neat your bathroom looks.


Steam cleaners:

We are big fans of a steam cleaner and while professional steam cleaners can be quite pricey, a handheld cleaner is very affordable, especially on discounts. It can be super helpful to clean cracks, corners and other hard-to-get places.


Clean often:

While this may come as no surprise, spending even five minutes or less a day to clean your bathroom can do wonders. A quick wipe down with a rag and a little vinegar or our bathroom cleaner will go a long way in keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic.

Things become even easier if you adopt a “do as you go” mindset. Basically, make it a point to do a little cleaning every time you use the bathroom.


For example:

  1. Brushing your teeth? How about you give the basin a quick scrub after you’re done!

  2. If you just had a refreshing hot shower, the steam will help you clean even better, so how about you give the bathroom a good ole scrub down?

These small things will help a lot in keeping your bathroom fresh as ever.


Keep products accessible:

You can’t really clean often unless your cleaning products are all easily accessible. For instance, if you’ve decided to clean the tub every time you take a bath or a shower, you’re more likely to procrastinate if you need to find the cleaning products after your shower or bath.

A better option is to keep products near your bath so it’s easily accessible.

If you’re cleaning your bathroom for the first time in a while, it can be a bit of a daunting task. Don’t worry though, these simple ideas should equip you to handle it with ease!

And remember – a clean bathroom is always worth it. If you feel tired or bored, just think of the incredible bath you can have after you’re done!


Photo byCameron Smith on Unsplash

Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash