Cleaning isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun evening activity, but we can’t deny how good it feels to relax in a sparkling home once the job is done. The good news is that, by following our simple suggestions, you can actually learn to enjoy cleaning your home. Whether it’s by giving yourself something to look forward to (beyond the satisfaction of ticking something off your to-do list!) or adding an element of fun, these tips will help you feel a little more excited to grab that duster and sponge.

Break it down

Avoid overwhelm by breaking your cleaning into small chunks. If you’ve got the task of cleaning the house looming over you all day, no wonder you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about getting down to it. Make things easier for yourself by writing an extensive house-cleaning to-do list, and decide what you’ll focus on first. Divide up the job by category (dusting and hoovering, for example), by room, or even by cupboard, and you’ll find it easier to get started. Every time you tick something off your to-do list, your brain releases a hit of dopamine, making you feel great. The more things you can tick off on your to-do list, the more dopamine you’ll get, giving you the boost you need to keep going.  

Indulge while you clean

Behavioural scientists have conducted extensive research on the topics of motivation, procrastination, and how we can encourage ourselves to do things we don’t really want to do. An interesting concept that has emerged from this research is the idea of temptation bundling, which essentially involves pairing up something you really want to do with something you don’t - but know you should. One example is only allowing yourself to watch Netflix while you’re at the gym: you end up enjoying your gym visits, because you can binge your favourite reality TV show. Try temptation bundling your cleaning in the same way. If you’ve got a favourite audiobook, podcast or TV show that you love, only allow yourself to indulge when you’re doing the washing up or ironing your clothes. That way, your brain will actively learn to look forward to these tasks, because you get to enjoy something you love at the same time.

Turn cleaning into a game

If you’re someone who likes a bit of friendly competition, try adding a game element to your cleaning routine. Race your household members to see who can complete their tasks the quickest, keep score, and don’t forget to reward the winner. If you’ve got kids, check out our recent article on getting them involved in your cleaning routine. If you’re a fitness fan, kill two birds with one stone by turning your cleaning into a workout. Do some squats while you dust, and get those lunges in when you’re hoovering tight corners or scrubbing the bath. 

Blast the tunes

Make the time pass quickly with a great cleaning playlist. Opt for tunes that want to make you dance - or at least scrub the dishes a little more enthusiastically. Music has been scientifically proven to boost our mood, emotions, productivity and focus, so it’s no wonder that the right playlist can cheer us up while helping us to get the job done. One study showed that 94% of respondents reported feelings of positivity thanks to listening to music whilst cleaning - so what are you waiting for? Turn on ABBA and grab your duster. Make your own playlist, or listen to this ready-made selection of cleaning tunes

Up-level your products

No one likes breathing in the stench of chemicals when cleaning, so make the job a little nicer by up-levelling your cleaning products. Opt for gently-scented products that will leave your home smelling fresh and inviting. Luckily, you no longer have to choose between effective but toxic, or natural but ineffective. Try out Colt and Willow’s all-purpose cleaner, infused with geranium leaf essential oil. Many products are plant-based and naturally anti-bacterial (like this one), so you can clean your house using natural ingredients, without worrying about toxic chemicals around your children or your pets. It’s a lot more enjoyable cleaning your house with products you don’t have to hide under the kitchen sink.

Treat yourself once the job is done

Cleaning is tiring work, so make sure you’ve got something to look forward to once the job is done. Light that new candle in your pristine living room, or buy some flowers for your glistening kitchen top. Whether it’s a relaxing kid-free bath or a chapter of your favourite thriller, giving yourself a reward for your hard work is key. It’s worth spending a little time figuring out a cleaning routine that you actually enjoy - rather than dread - because after all, we spend a lot of time keeping our homes tidy!

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