Between the current need for every household in Britain to own half a year’s worth of toilet paper ‘just in case’ and jumping five metres away from anyone who dares cough near us in public, it’s now easy to see the effects that Covid-19 is having on our behaviour.

Uniquely thought of as the nation of polite, considerate tea drinkers who all know the Queen personally, we’re no longer acting like a society of well-mannered and calm-natured people. We’re panicked and anxious, understandably so. With Covid-19 spreading faster than anyone anticipated, disrupting our everyday lives and threatening to take it completely from those weakest in our communities, it’s time that each household took responsibility for its role in combating the spread of the virus.

With much being documented about disinfectant, hand cleaning, wipes, gels and harmful chemicals, it’s actually much more effective to combat Covid-19 with simple cleaning agents like soap and water. Get back to basics, stop stockpiling everything in the cleaning aisle that sounds powerful and take the time to understand the way in which this virus works at a molecular level – and you’ll fast ditch all those chemicals in place of something much more simplified.

In layman’s terms, the way in which the Covid-19 cell presents itself is with an outer ‘layer’ made of fatty lipids which stick to everything – skin, surfaces, droplets, etc. These fatty lipids act like a strong glue and transfer between all things they come into contact with: from a door handle to a glass window or even a paper envelope. That glue is steadfast and holds to almost everything it comes into contact with, hence it’s overall contribution to the spread of this virus.

But great news! This is where simple cleaning and good quality soap comes in to combat Covid-19 in your home. While water alone isn’t strong or forceful enough to remove that ‘glue’ bond between the skin and the virus, when you add it to soap and create a soapy water, it’s a very different story. Soap mimics the lipid structure of the virus and it can therefore compete with it, loosening that ‘glue’ between the skin while the water in the lather can wash it away. In contrast, heavy disinfectant or alcohol-based products require you to fully submerge the virus in them briefly (ie, you need to completely cover your hands in the chosen solution for it to work) whereas you only need a small amount of soapy water, rubbed thoroughly over the hands to do the same job.

This shows that you really can combat Covid-19 without any harmful ingredients. Chemical free, irritant free and now much closer to virus free.

The same thinking can be applied to your household cleaning: get back to basics for the biggest benefit to your home and your family. Colt & Willow plant-based cleaning products are effective in removing grime and grease from household surfaces. The natural cleansing agents disperse fat and dirt from every room in your house and reduce opportunities for cross-contamination. This leaves your home happy, healthy and harmonious without resorting to any harsh chemicals. We believe in the nature of simple cleaning and bringing its benefits to your home without any of the risks that a harmful chemical environment can cause as a by-product.

While our priority as a whole population is how we combat Covid-19 and overcome it together, individually we still have a duty to protect the environment with planet-conscious choices such as Colt & Willow plant-based, biodegradable and family-friendly cleaning products. They are also refillable and therefore certain to outlast this virus with an undated shelf life.

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