When it comes to cleaning the home there’s a lot of hidden potential damages and dangers just waiting to happen. This is based on product application methods, ingredients and user behaviors – all of which can hinder the lifespan of your favorite household items and surfaces.
So what are the most common mistakes that could be ruining your home without you fully realising it?

Mistake: Using bleach on everyday surfaces

Due to the current pandemic, people are now even more invested in the household cleaning process. And the heightened fear around bacteria has seen people reaching for the heavy duty bleach a lot more. The excessive use of bleach has gone further than bathroom or kitchen cleaning now and extended to the rest of the home – but it sucks up colour, changes texture and stains most fabrics and carpets. In addition overuse can actually lower the lifespan of things like sealant around taps and surface edges.

Solution: Go for natural options that offer a high cleaning power without any corrosive or toxic ingredients.

Mistake: High pigment food & drink stain transfers

Ever eaten a cheeky curry on the sofa and left a mark on your white coffee table under the bowl? Or noticed the pesky coffee ring stain that never goes away on a soft wood surface? It’s one of the most common ways to ruin a counter top – and no matter how good the taste, no one wants to be reminded of it for years to come!

Solution: Use our Wonder Scrub which removes stubborn marks with a little elbow grease and a lot of satisfaction!

Mistake: Using a metal scourer on metal surfaces

The temptation to scrub metal surfaces around the home can be high – taps, pans and induction hobs all need a lot more elbow grease to clean and it can be appealing to reach for something abrasive to make this easier. However using a metal scourer can cause permanent damage to the surface and texture of all these things – and if used on a pan it can damage the non-stick or protective coating irreparably also.

Solution: Try using a gentle sponge with a good all purpose cleaner and hot water. The heat should help ‘melt’ stubborn marks while the cleaner cleanses the area.

Mistake: Little hand prints all over the TV

If you’ve got children then you’ll know that the temptation for them to touch the TV screen is real! And the result is that it will blur the screen when you’re trying to watch it, but it’s not great for the lifespan of the TV either. Lots of people try using dry furniture polish for this, which isn’t a great way to combat the marks!

Solution: a good quality microfiber cloth with a small amount of window or glass cleaner sprayed onto the cloth not the screen should buff away those little hand prints.

Mistake: Mixing products

Most of us have a cupboard full of cleaning products and sometimes people will mix these together to better serve a purpose. For example, floor cleaner and bleach is a really common one. However this is a massive irritant and also highly toxic.

Solution: Don’t mix them! If you want to combine products always use natural versions that don’t contain toxins. For floors, try using our Washing Up Liquid followed by our All Purpose Cleaner.


How many of these are you guilty of? We bet it’s more than you first thought! But hopefully this shows the benefit of an all-natural and plant based cleaning regime in place of chemical filled alternatives which can easily damage or destroy your favouorite household items.

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