It’s National Spring Cleaning Week and I’ve been feeling inspired to overcome the winter inertia and get started cleaning!

When the evenings start to get lighter there is a new kind of energy in the air and I guess that’s why so many of us feel the need to get moving, be outside more and generally hit the refresh button on life.  The prospect of new beginnings.

Spring cleaning is one of those things we ponder, so nice the idea of launching into spring and summer with a clean tidy house and the feeling of order and contentment once it’s all done.

But sometimes we can think one thing and do something completely different.  I can be distracted by Instagram, waste hours on Pinterest and fill in the gaps between emails and school runs with anything but cleaning.  Sometimes the scale of doing the whole house just seems overwhelming and I go back to the phone to get just a little more inspo before actually doing anything.  Total serendipity but just as I was losing the battle of the phone versus the spring clean, I got the boost I needed to get going!

Last week, I was at a business coaching breakfast hosted by two female entrepreneurs – Business Coach, Georgia Fitzgerald and Wellbeing Coach, Jen Christie – and I got my get-up-and-go zest back with their massively inspiring talks.For me, something really struck home about Georgia’s words on the inner critic. That little voice inside that persuades us to put things off, to not make a start, the voice that says,

“just think about it a bit more, maybe today is not the day, do you really want all that disruption of pulling stuff off shelves and emptying cupboards when there is all the normal daily stuff to do too.”

Lightbulb moment.  Georgia had the answer.  She spoke about developing a “bias for action” which is the tendency to make decisions quickly and take action rather than getting put off by worries, self-doubt and excuses to do nothing.

Georgia also talked about Mel Robbins’ 5,4,3,2,1 technique and I am a total convert!  Basically, when you have a thought, the brain will automatically try to “keep us safe and comfortable” and put us off whatever it is especially if it’s new or hard.

The theory is that our brains can dissuade us in a matter of seconds.  To combat this we have to act before this happens.  Before our brain gets the chance to tell us not to get up, not to make that call or not to start cleaning, we must simply count down, 5,4,3,2,1 and go!  Get started.  Act.  Do it!

So as National Spring Cleaning Week began this week, I counted down 5,4,3,2,1, grabbed my delicious Colt and Willow eco-friendly cleaning products and off I went!  Now I actually can’t wait to apply my new strategy for action to the business and home life.

Don’t worry, all was not lost during my scrolling screen time, as I came across a brilliant infographic about how often we should clean by Good Housekeeping.  It’s really useful if you want to keep everything going once the deep clean is done.

If you’re motivated to break out the duster and start your spring clean, grab your Colt and Willow All-Purpose Cleaner and count down … 5,4,3,2,1, go!

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