If you’re stuck in a rut and looking to keep your home as clean and organised as possible, then here’s some of our other favourite home cleaning tips to help….

It’s not always easy to motivate yourself to clean and tidy the house and even the most enthusiastic cleaning fans will sometimes lack the desire to crack out the mop and bucket. But with daily and weekly jobs needed to keep your home in order they can quickly pile up if you leave them for too long.

The longer that you leave everything, the less motivation you have to actually start your tasks and it becomes a cycle. (Which usually involves huge ironing piles, clutter and disorganization everywhere!)

1. Get into a routine

This is why one of our biggest home cleaning tips is to get into a routine and follow it instinctively. Once you make a routine and stick to it, eventually it become a habit. Research* says it can take approximately two months for a new behavior to become automatic (habit) so once you start, stick to it and you’ll be cleaning the house efficiently in no time. And once you’ve overcome the lack of mental desire to clean, you’re over half way there!

2. Give everything a place

Have you ever had that early morning rush to leave the house and been caught at the last hurdle as you struggle to locate your keys? We’ve all been there! So, giving everything in your home a place means that you’ll begin your day on a smoother start and it will run more efficiently throughout. Everything having its own place means that you’ll always be able to put your hands on the things you need, when you need them.

3. Open windows for fresh air

It sounds simple but opening a window moves stale air out and brings in fresh air which contains more oxygen and gives obvious physical benefits.

Just 5 minutes of open window time a day can decrease indoor pollutants caused by heating/cooling/cooking systems.

4. Get rid of toxic cleaning products

Did you know that there’s no legal requirement to display the ingredients in cleaning products? It’s a terrifying prospect. One of our biggest home cleaning tips is to completely rid the cupboard under the sink of all toxic products and replace with natural, eco-friendly versions like ours. Not only will you remove harsh chemicals that have been proven to contribute to many health problems (see our blog post on Ingredients You Should Avoid In Your Home Cleaning Regime for more details) but you’ll still achieve a brilliant, top quality clean throughout your home.

5. Maximise storage space

Like most of the world, we were hooked on the Marie Kondo Netflix series about organisation. Who knew there were so many amazing ways you could organise your home?! One of our own favourite ideas is using over-the-door towel racks in your laundry cupboard to avoid mess and overflowing linens. Others ideas include floating shelves in small spaces to add more storage and reduce clutter and also utilizing wall spaces with hooks, racks and knobs to allow extra storage.

6. Kitchen organisation

Kitchen cupboards can be the source of much clutter, mess and even germs. Yuk. Which is why one of our biggest home cleaning tips for the kitchen is to sort out your cupboards. Going waste-free, removing food and products from their packaging by decantering and storing in labelled jars, is better for the aesthetic and the environment. Refillable is always best for the planet as it cuts down on excess waste and there won’t be any spills or mess lurking at the back of the cupboard afterwards either.

7. Do one load of washing each day

If you have children in the house then you’ll likely feel that laundry is a never-ending project! Doing one load per day avoids a huge pile mounting up and avoids those Sunday afternoon school uniform rushes. Extra home cleaning tips include: getting into the habit of putting the load on first thing in the morning and ensuring you have prepared somewhere to air/dry it afterwards.

8. Get the whole family involved

Children are never too young to pitch in, and the younger they are when they learn to clean up after themselves, the better chance they have of maintaining habits in the long run (or so we hope!) Make a game of things during the big weekly clean, give them their own mops/cloths and make it fun. Tiny people especially love to be helpful so bring it to their level and watch them go!

9. Rotate bedding weekly

Lots of us know that we should change our bedding weekly, but how many of us actually do it? If we’re honest, more of us probably extend that lifespan – but we shouldn’t. Dead skin cells build up in the sheets and create bacteria which isn’t good for you or your health. Plus, isn’t that feeling of clean bedding the best? Imagine how much better you’d feel about the state of your home with that fresh bedding feeling every single week…

10. Do a quick clean up each night

One of our favourite home cleaning tips that minimises the time needed on the big weekly clean is to keep on top of the small things each day so they don’t build up. Before you go to bed wipe down kitchen surfaces with our All-Purpose Cleaner, put everything back in its own place, rearrange cushions and generally tidy up.

Doing this means you can start the following day clutter free and you’ll have kept on top of the daily jobs so you need to invest less weekend time cleaning.

We hope these home cleaning tips will keep your home as tidy and organized as possible. Don’t forget you can stock up on all the essentials needed to get a sparkly clean home in no time on our products page. Great products make all the difference!

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