As a child I spent many days with my brother playing in the shallow river by our home. With bare feet and trousers rolled up, we took seriously the pursuit of digging in the sandy banks making mud pies and fishing for minnows.

It was with delight when we would stumble across old glass bottles and keep them as our treasures.

Our beautiful glass bottles

Our beautiful glass bottles

After some time, we had quite a collection of our precious finds. Our windowsill was saturated with their colours and textures; from smoky caramels to cobalt blues, honeyed amber to pea green, and frosted of old to dark inky Bovril pots.

We marvelled at the unfamiliar and antiquated shapes with worn glass and etched writing echoing time long gone.

The collection played with light as it shone through our window. Bright and clear in the day and enchanting in the moonlight. This would ignite our imagination before bed and take us on magical dreamy adventures.

When we started to think about and design the bottles to house our beautiful eco-friendly cleaning products, I was inspired by my treasured childhood glass bottle collection.

To be honest, I have a particular fondness for amber bottles and the way they play in light. Dark and dramatic in moodier settings and like rich honey when light cascades through.

It’s not just the nostalgic element of glass bottles that I love but a sense of permanency and lasting for generations paired with traditional craftsmanship.

So, with this we set out to make a treasured piece to inspire and connect you, our customers, to the simplicity and beauty of nature.

No secret then that a frosted amber glass bottle (ok I had a big say here!) is the perfect vessel to fill with our eco-friendly cleaning products full of plant essences and essential oils.

Aligned with our mission, this childhood memory helps leave a better world for the next generation.

A simple frosted glass bottle, beautifully labelled and designed to complement your home and be reused for a lifetime.

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